Media Analysis Post 1

In NekoJonez gaming blog, we only know his first name, Pieterjan, but more commonly known under the alias NekoJonez, or Jonez, online. Jonez never says that he is going to write about the latest and greatest games or even recent breaking news in the video game industry; he treats his blog more like a diary of his thoughts and reviews of the games he plays which serves as his blog’s purpose. He plays more of retro style and older games, specifically Nintendo and PlayStation games, but he also plays newer titles that remind him of these older, retro games. His audience would be people looking to find similar-style games or to find out if a game is worth buying or not based upon his review. In his post, he says the game Amid Evil is similar to older games Hexen and Heretic, meaning that his blog can point someone looking for similar games in the right direction. I would say his overall goal is just to share what he loves and find like-minded people, so I say this post about Amid Evil definitely goes towards that overall goal. I think there are no underlying meanings in his post; I just think he is a guy passionate about this genre of game that is somewhat dying.

2 thoughts on “Media Analysis Post 1”

  1. Hello there

    Allow me to thank you for this post. 🙂

    But, I do have a few minor things to say. First of all… I do play retro and older games but I also play modern games. My tastes are more in the line of: “does a game interest me? let’s play it! Oh, has it been released 15 years ago… your point?” …

    I DO have an underlying theme in my posts. It’s most sharing the love for video games and trying to look at what makes a game interesting and unique and also what doesn’t work. But, if you want to know more on my writing style and such… Feel free to poke me on Twitter or hit me up via my contact page. 😉



  2. Hello, GraceAnn. You provide good summary and analysis here. Next time, integrate the link tot he blog into your discussion. Also, consider chunking/paragraphing so that your post doesn’t look like a wall of text. In future posts, consider using images so that your reader sees some of what you refer to in your analysis. Finally, bring more of yourself into the post. For example, you might let the reader know why you chose this particular creator, or you might argue with some of their points or even give your two cents about the games he talks about.

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